Nidal Rasheed - Provides Answer On How to Build A Passive Income Through Real Estate Investments

Australia's top real estate investment advisor guides you through the right process

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Nidal Rasheed

Silvertail Property Group is a name to reckon with in the Real Estate industry in present times. It has revolutionized the industry with its impeccable services which have been widely appreciated in the region. Nidal Rasheed, the founder of the esteemed advisory firm has emerged as one of the most preferred partners of Australian inhabitants when it comes to strategic property investments which are guaranteed to give a good return of investments.

The beginning of Nidal's success story:

Surviving in the world of business and making it to the top is not easy as many have dwelled in it and fallen flat on their faces. There has to be a strong self-belief backed by loads of determination to survive and march ahead and make it big. Entrepreneurship is for those who can bypass all hurdles and setbacks and keep moving ahead till they reach their destination. Nidal Rasheed is one such entrepreneur who had fought all odds and emerged as a true winner. His struggles began as a ten-year-old child of immigrant parents who had to struggle day and night to arrange for two square meals. Understanding the difficulties his family had to face he took up the reins in his own hands and at 14, stepped into the entrepreneurial ship by starting his own business of lolly vending machines. Not able to sustain one business for a long time he kept jumping on to different businesses like health and nutrition supplements distribution, sales and marketing, and restaurants. In the year 2009 he entered the Real Estate industry and since then has only marched ahead in life achieving many milestones of success.

His booming real estate career:

He launched his property investment advisory company 'Silvertail Property Group' which aims to attend to real estate investment portfolios of people. The company shortlists properties that have the potential to grow and give excellent returns over some time. Nidal says, "we want to create a passive income stream for our customers through our strategic investment plans which suit the customer's budget, the idea is to have a steady source of income through their Real Estate portfolio which grows with time." The 'Silvertail Property Group' team is well versed with the workings of the industry and guides their customers right through every process and detailing smoothly. The basic idea is to create a multi portfolio within a budget that gives maximum returns.

Nidal has gained enough through his accurate foresight on Real Estate investments and is now on a mission to help others gain from his experience. In no time he has guided many families through diverse investment portfolios through his 'Silvertail Property Group' which has reaped excellent results.

This article was first published on February 23, 2021