Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger had split in February 2015 Reuters

American singer/actress Nicole Scherzinger revealed she felt happy after her split with Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton. The couple parted ways for the fourth and final time in February 2015.

During an interview with Britain's Glamour magazine, Scherzinger talked about their break-up. She said: "I got back to my authentic self. It was, oh, this is what I like and this is what makes me laugh and what makes me dance and feel free. It was a transformative, healing time."

"It's so important as women, whether we're in relationships or not, that we nurture ourselves," she explained. "You have stronger relationships when you're strong within. When you're not looking for somebody else to fulfil you."

Scherzinger and Hamilton started dating in 2007, and have been in a on-again off-again relationship. It was previously reported that the former X Factor judge was tired of Hamilton's refusal to commit.

Previously, Hamilton said that he loves cars more than his relationships. He told Top Gear magazine: "My cars are my babies. I used to say, when I had a girlfriend, 'I'm taking one of the girls out, so you can some if you want, but you come second when it comes to the cars.'"