Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban get into scuffle over latter getting cosy with Julia Michaels?

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Reuters

Not only Keith Urban and Julia Michaels are reportedly seeing each other but also the couple is taking a step forward behind Nicole Kidman until they got caught.

Woman's Day Australia has reported that both Keith and Julia have been spotted getting intimate. Julia is on tour with the Australian singer and she usually opens for him. The two got closer on a road. "Keith has been spending lots of time with Julia and this is not doing any favour to his marriage. She's very flirtatious around him and he's been lapping it up," a source told the magazine.

The source further revealed how Nicole is fuming with anger after finding out about Keith's illicit affair. "Nicole has got every right to find their behaviour intimidating and highly inappropriate especially as Keith is so unapologetic and borderline smug about it all," said the source.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the story. They have details proving the above story is distorted. Firstly, Julia is one of the supporting acts on Keith's tour. And the tour's Australian leg happened in February this year. Keith's opening acts for the European tour, include Brett Eldredge, Drake White, Cam and Chase Rice.

On top of that, Nicole has been accompanying Keith on all these tours. So there is no chance that Keith can spend time with Julia. Nicole has been regularly updating photos on Instagram from the tour. The fact that he would avoid his own family and spend time with someone else just sounds so absurd.

The final pin on the coffin was when Gossip Cop got in touch with one of the representatives of Keith and found out that everything is fine in Keith's family. The representatives even went ahead and confirmed that Nicole does not have any issues with Julia.

This is not the first time that the magazine, Woman's Day Australia, has been guilty of publishing misleading news. Previously, they published that Nicole Kidman joined Keith Urban on tour because she fears that the singer is cheating on her. And before that, they spread that rumour that Nicole and Keith will be separating.

This article was first published on March 14, 2019