Nicole Brown's Diaries Reveal OJ Simpson Frequently Used to Beat Her Up Before She Got Murdered

Nicole alleged that the former American footballer one time beat her so badly that her socks and jumper were torn off her body

The secret diaries of Nicole Brown claimed that OJ Simpson tormented her before she and her boyfriend Ron Goldman were murdered, as per reports. Bith of them were stabbed to death at her house in California on June 12, 1994, leading to the Trail of the Century of OJ Simpson and also subsequent acquittal.

But the world was not aware of a few private aspects of the pair's marriage, as her personal diaries were published for the first time, as reported by the Daily Mail. Nicole reportedly recounted the sufferings she witnessed where she wrote that one time the former American football player screamed at her, "Get out my f***ing house you fat a** liar!".

Nicole's Diaries Reveal OJ Used to Beat her

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown
OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown YouTube Grab/Waterside Video Production

Nicole, who was friends with Kris Jenner also detailed about 60 occasions on which she stated that he allegedly assaulted her physically and threatened her during their union. The many diaries that were found in the safe deposit box of Nicole along with photos of her injured face, reveals her notes about the alleged incidents including one in 1978 when Simpson first beat her up.

The ordeal allegedly witnessed OJ punch and kick her in the hotel room for hours as she attempted to escape. Other alleged ordeals detailed in the diary took place during the next 16 years of the couple's marriage. Nicole claimed that the former footballer would sometimes to out of control in rage, which led to smashing her car, throwing her against walls.

Nicole alleged that OJ one time beat her so badly that her socks and jumper were torn off her body. Another incident claimed that he shouted, "I have a gun in my hand, get the f*** out of here!". After getting acquitted, OJ was sent to prison in 2007 and spent nine years behind the bats due to a role in a sports memorabilia heist. He got freed in October 2017. Nicole's diary is going to feature in a documentary named OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy, on Investigation Discovery.

Investigation Discovery boss Henry Schleiff said, "This documentary is not here to retell the famous trial, but to remember the woman who struggled with domestic violence and now tells her side of the story, in her words, for the first time." The documentary is going to get aired on Monday, October 3. The heartbroken sister of Nicole Tanya Brown said in the film, "Maybe she knew this was her destiny and maybe subconsciously she knew something was going to happen. Maybe that's why she kept real detailed diary entries."

The entries of the diary were not taken into evidence during the trial of Simpson as the judge ruled they were hearsay. Her first entry in 1978 read, "1st time he beat me up after Louis + Nanie Mary anniversary party. Started on the street corner of NYC 5th Ave at about 9 (pm). Threw me on the floor, hit me, kicked me. we went to the hotel where he continued to beat me for hours and I continued crawling for the door."