Nicky Wu marriage crucibles: Taiwanese actor remarries Ma Yashu to tie knot with Liu Shishi

Nicky Wu had to remarry and divorce his ex wife in order to legalise his marriage with Chinese actress Cecilia Liu Shishi.

Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, who got married to Chinese actress Cecilia Liu Shishi in a lavish Bali ceremony, had to remarry and re-divorce his ex wife in order to legalise his fresh marriage.

For technical reasons, Singer-actor Wu remarried and then divorced again Chinese actress Ma Yashu, with whom he had a three-year marrriage that ended in 2009.

After his wedding at a luxury resort in Bali, Nicky's mother told a local newspaper that the 45-year-old actor's marriage with the Chinese actress did not work out well during their three years together, the Shanghaiist reported.

She said: "He wasn't doing very well, he had shoots but wasn't very popular, so he didn't really give her a wedding, didn't give her those".

As per the reports on Apple Daily, the former couple had not got married formally and failed to legalise their marriage in Taiwan, which further hampered the proceedings of Nicky's wedding with Liu Shishi.

His mother also stated in the interview that Wu was "interrogated like a criminal" in order to obtain Ma's entry permit to Taiwan, where the former couple remarried and divorced each other again.

If rumours are to be believed, the Taiwanese singer actor, who rose to fame with 'Little Tigers, dated five girls before settling down with Ma Yashu in 2006. Eventually the couple's marriage split apart after three years due to tight work schedules and less time spent together.

According to Chinese media, the former couple had a tough divorce battle and Yashu was temed as a 'greedy gold digger" in arguments. But the actress denied the reports and released a press statement in 2013 stating that she did not take anything from Wu as divorce alimony.

During the divorce process and after their official divorce, Ma Yashu did not take any money from Nicky Wu. While they were married, they had jointly purchased a house, but Ma Yashu returned the money paid by Nicky during the divorce process, the statement had read.