Nicki Minaj Pregnant? Rapper Covering Her Midsection during Trollz Video Fuels Rumors

Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine's Tekashi released their new music video Trollz that has fueled rumors that the rapper is expecting her first child.

The release of Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine's new video Trollz has fueled the rumors about the rapper's pregnancy. Nicki and Tekashi released the music video that went viral on Friday midnight.

The video shows Nicki covering her belly in some shots, while in other scenes her full body is not shown. This has led to speculation that the 37-year-old rapper might be expecting her first child. Fans have commented that the video has been edited to the effect that Minaj's baby bump is not shown. The video has already garnered 50,156,434 views on YouTube, as per the latest reports.

"@NICKIMINAJ I saw the stomach sis you really tried it with the edit I know you pregnant," one Twitter user wrote. "@NICKIMINAJ I saw the stomach sis you really tried it with the edit. I know you pregnant," another user said.

Instagram Photos And Minaj's Pregnancy

Nicki Minaj kenneth Petty
Nicki Minaj posing with husband Kenneth Petty. Instagram

However, Minaj has not reacted to these rumors yet. But after hours of releasing the video, Nicki uploaded still photographs on her Instagram page that gave wings to these speculations. In one of the photos, she covers her midsection and in the other, the belly cannot be seen. In another set of photographs, her belly can be seen and fans were seen commenting "OMG, she is pregnant."

Watch the Video of the just-released Trollz Here:

This is not the first time Minaj is facing this question from fans. In fact, last month during a question and answer session on Twitter, the rapper spoke about her food cravings. Following this revelation, fans started asking if Minaj was also experiencing morning sickness wanting to know if she was pregnant.

"No throwing up. But nausea and peeing nonstop. Omg what do u think this is," Nicki clarified by tweeting. Minaj married Kenneth Petty in October 2019 after dating him for one year. Minaj had previously spoken about retiring from the music industry and starting a family in September 2019. According to TMZ, Minaj and Petty were childhood sweethearts. Nicki initially started dating Petty who prefers to go by the name Zoo when she was just 16 years old. She was still living in Queens and was not known as a rapper then.

Petty has a criminal record and was convicted of attempted rape in 1995. In 2006, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges that resulted in the death of Lamont Robinson in 2002. Petty also has served seven years in prison for various crimes.