Nick McCandless has revolutionized the modeling industry with McCandless Group

Nick McCandless

Recognizing a large untapped market, a young North Carolinian and now Miami-based, Nick McCandless, has revolutionized the entire modeling industry. Nick McCandless was one of the most elite entrepreneurs in Hollywood who worked both onscreen and off-screen during his entertainment days. His journey did not always start on a high note. He learned the tactics and techniques of working digitally from limited online resources and his innovation and passion brought him into the limelight and took him forward in the industry of technology.

At the age of 19, he was invited to Hollywood for hosting and producing his own tech show for an online studio after his technology blog and website accrued millions of monthly readers. He soon started utilizing his abilities in building various apps, websites, SaaS platforms, and more. This helped him to study and understand the market from a much closer perspective and finally launch the one brand that revolutionized the entire modeling industry. Breaking the stigma surrounding the exclusive content industry for models, Nick McCandless founded McCandless Group that has not only monetized and popularized many top models but also gave instant name and fame to many influencers overnight.

McCandless Group has built a clientele of over 500 of the top models in the world by establishing successful monetization platforms for them which puts the model in full control of their destiny. A high-end, income-producing customized platform is curated per each model's brand and is maintained and improved by data science, ongoing technological advancements, and many other factors that help the models maximize their earning potential. McCandless Group ensures that the model's content is completely protected and does not end up floating around the web freely. This has established security and comfort for the many models involved in Nick's growing company and why many of his clients work with McCandless Group as opposed to exploring other platforms.

Nick's innovative venture has given an entirely new face to the modeling and influencer world, turning him into a mammoth businessman and a dynamic serial entrepreneur as more and more aspiring models and influencers continue being a part of this movement.