Nick Jonas wants to work with Drake and Kanye West

Nick Jonas confessed that he wants to work with Drake and Kanye West.

American singer/songwriter Nick Jonas has revealed who are his dream collaborators. The 23-year-old singer, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, confessed that he wants to work with Kanye West and Drake.

During an interview with Essential Homme magazine, the Close singer revealed: "Drake is just awesome. I love Kanye a lot as well. Those two had really great albums this year. I'd love to work with them."

Jonas also talked about his third solo album, Last Year Was Complicated. He said: "I started making this record the week my last album came out in 2014, but then last summer I went through a breakup that changed everything. I remember my manager looked at me and said, 'Alright, you really have to dig deep, it's important that you get honest, vulnerable, and lay out your stories in the best way you can,' so I did. The record really became about this year of my life, and that's not limited to any one event or anything specifically that happened, but, you know, everything. There are some tough moments and there are some great ones."

Jonas revealed he is very happy with her career and personal growth. He said: "I'm very comfortable with who I am today. I think it has been a process to get here, and I'm always trying to evolve, but I'm grateful of my journeys. I like the ride, it's fun. As long as you're willing to have fun too, it's a good ride."