Nick Gomez Helping People to Invest in Crypto Currency as public speaker

Nick Gomez

Nick Gomez has a passion for helping people understand the power of the emerging crypto currency industry. As a Public Speaker, Nick educates and mentors people of all ages and backgrounds in the new age of digital currency through myswipecoin. Drawing on his more than 7 years of knowledge and experience, he teaches thousands of students worldwide to master both Bitcoin and Crypto markets. Nick is a multi-million dollar investor and trader, and he has helped hundreds of students become profitable, as well. "People over profits has always been my motto and I believe highly in service to others," he says.

In his youth, Nick saw the struggles of living financially burdened. He was raised by a single mother providing for her family and knew he wanted to help change their path. Once he discovered the power behind crypto currency, he felt a passion to help other people get in on this promising activity. He became interested in network marketing and began running an educational app and website with over 40,000 students learning investment strategies.

Nick believes having a strong mindset will get you most of the way to reaching your goals. But success is a never ending journey of progression. Once you have achieved a state to implement your idea, you can ride the roller coaster without being phased by the ups and downs. Even when Nick faced criticism from friends and family for starting out in a new industry, he never let it stop him. Everyone's definition of success is different. For Nick, he believes if he is doing what he loves, he is successful.

Trading and investing fascinated Nick from an early age. Becoming a Crypto Currency Master Educator and Public Speaker felt like a natural transition to him. He also became a co-founder of a Walmart Automation company, as well. But he had to overcome mental barriers and lack of confidence as he started out. He discovered the key is consistency and a genuine care for the success of others. "I believe behind fear come the biggest blessings, fear is the illusional barrier before the most blissful opportunities and accomplishments," he says.

Nick's next goal is to expand his portfolio by managing a Crypto Hedge Fund. He will also continue traveling the world to host conferences, events, and meet ups to empower others. "I believe in passing down the baton or torch just as I was once blessed. I believe in helping the next person in line," he says.