Nick Eubanks on the Customer Journey and Multiple Revenue Streams

Nick Eubanks

When writers try to work out the hero's journey, they turn to Joseph Campbell. For the customer's journey, however, entrepreneurs turn to Nick Eubanks. The client journey has begun from the moment a potential customer or client comes across your business - be it a name, clicking a search engine result, or stumbling onto your product/service. So, what are you going to do?

Nick Eubanks has the answer, and it comes in two stages - you and the customer, you and your income streams. You might wonder how they combine, but for Eubanks, it's all about making entrepreneurs even more successful, generating millions of dollars, and securing their wealth in the way dozens of columns can overcome one collapsing.

Who is Nick Eubanks? He's an all-American entrepreneur who practices what he preaches. The Pennsylvania native has been building websites longer than most young entrepreneurs have been alive - he even started on GeoCities and has been cold email marketing since 2004 while holding down a position with Morgan Stanley. Then, in 2008, he founded his first real business - Atomni, a digital marketing agency, and he's not looked back since. Maybe he looked back, but when those road bumps were hit, he learned, and he improved.

Now he's helping other entrepreneurs with their income streams. His critical advice for business owners is to have multiple income streams. Indeed, he has over 12 of his own to show that it works. The first step is to take your first business and do it well. So how do you do that?

Eubanks keeps it simple. Focus on the client or customer's journey - go through every step and make it the best possible experience. Indeed, the best companies in the world will go beyond to meet the customer's needs. They will even anticipate these needs - perhaps before they know they need them. Nick Eubanks advises that all new businesses attack their industry from all angles.

There's a reason for all of this focus on one income stream at the beginning. You need this business to be in a position where it can run itself with the minimum amount of work. This will allow you to move into the next step in the Nick Eubanks process.

Nick Eubanks has a blueprint he can guide clients through. First, he gets his clients into online marketplaces and global ones, and it's not out-of-the-box complicated or risky things. The idea is to start with something you know that works, then move into consulting, collaborating, affiliate marketing, investing, and until you have 7 income streams. Then he'll help you think outside of the box.

He offers a true consulting partnership that helps ambitious entrepreneurs take their businesses and income streams to the next level. He focuses on helping you build independent revenue streams and getting you obsessed with cash flow (just like him). Eubanks also offers help with online income channels, project analysis, software and automation to drive new customers, and more to make any client's ROI on digital marketing.

Nick Eubanks is at the forefront of proper entrepreneurial mentoring as a thought leader, and a part of Traffic Think Tank (TTT). Like many of his SEO peers who share their best tips and practices, Eubanks is happy to share his knowledge with people of all backgrounds. He's been on the customer journey, he's crafted ones for his clients, and soon you'll be doing the same thing.