Nibiru Update: Frequent earthquakes in France signaling arrival of Planet X?

No, says NASA but the increasing seismic activities all around the globe are watched suspiciously by conspiracy theorists, as they believe the rising number of tremors is signaling the arrival of Nibiru alias Planet X.

World End

Nibiru alias Planet X has been the hottest talking topic among conspiracy theorists for the past couple of years; all credit goes to David Meade who predicted that the world will end on September 23, 2017 when the gigantic planet collides with Earth with its full fury. Fortunately, the date passed uneventfully. Later Meade clarified that people had misinterpreted his claims, and made it clear that October 15, 2017, has initiated the seven-year tribulation period on Earth where we will witness an increased number of seismic activities and other natural calamities. Analysis of recent seismic activities in and around the world clearly indicate that Meade's predictions might be true.

As per reports, the Alps region in France has been rocked by more than 140 tremors in the past 40 days. Seismologists in France believe that these small earthquakes are signaling the arrival of large tremors which will bring about devastating results in the area.

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A devastating earthquake on the way

According to Sismalp, the Earthquake observation organization, the strongest quake which hit the area in the past one month has been measured 3.8 on the Richter scale. Before the onset of a mammoth earthquake, small shakes used to happen, and experts believe that the same thing is happening in the Alps region in France.

Local residents in the area are in a state of panic, as they are witnessing continuous shakes every day. Now, many people believe that these tremors are signaling the arrival of Planet X on November 19. As per Nibiru believers, the arrival of Planet X is destabilizing the tectonic plates under the surface of the earth, and it is the reason behind the increased number of tremors.

The conspiracy theory also claims that the arrival of Nibiru has increased the volcanic activities on the Earth. Recently, Mount Agung and Mount Sinabung in Indonesia showed the signals of a possible eruption, and some observers were quick to say that these volcanic activities signal the arrival of the lone planet lurking on the edge of our solar system.

Hurricane Irma, Harvey and Mexican Earthquakes

Even though NASA is denying the existence of Planet X, the number of natural disasters is increasing, point out conspiracy theorists. A month ago, the US was hit by hurricane Irma and Harvey followed by the devastating Mexican Earthquakes. With the increased seismic activity in France, especially the Alps region, the issue is gaining more attention than required.