Nibiru or Planet X can now be seen in sky with naked eyes, claim theorists [PHOTOS]

Photos and videos have emerged on the Internet which claim that Nibiru is visible in the sky during sunrise and sunset.


Conspiracy theorists are now claiming that the mysterious Nibiru or Planet X has entered the inner region of our solar system and is visible in the sky with naked eyes. The arrival of Nibiru is said to bring massive weather changes, shift in poles and widespread destruction on Earth.

Photos and videos have emerged on the Internet which claim that Nibiru is visible in the sky during sunrise and sunset. It is believed that the giant planet appears as a shadow, not a bright ball of fire.

The celestial body, assumed to be bigger than Jupiter, was allegedly lurking at the outer edges of our solar system for a long time. It is said to be so huge that it makes the earth wobble on its axis. Recent weather phenomena like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Mexico earthquakes, etc, are all caused by Nibiru's pull on our planet, say believers.

Such theorists have stated that under the influence of Planet X, the North Pole will shift to the centre of the Earth, leading to destruction and major natural disasters. It may even bring about the end of the world. A conspiracy theorist named CJ told that he had shared photos, taken somewhere in the southeast of America, which have definitive proof of the planet's arrival. He believes that the earth has started wobbling more since August, indicating that the medium of destruction is quite nearby.

Pink tinge in the atmosphere Screengrab from YouTube

Another popular conspiracy theorist, Matt Rogers, has shared a video on his YouTube channel that claims to confirm the arrival of Nibiru in our skies. He claims that the strange colours seen in the sky in the US and other regions proves that something is wrong with the earth's atmosphere. He has been sent photos of a pink sky that appears unnatural. And apparently, Planet X is the mischief-maker.

Apparent chemtrails
Apparent chemtrails Screengrab from YouTube

A popular theory among Nibiru believers is that NASA is going to great lengths to mask the imminent danger. Rogers, David Meade, CJ and the like have stated that chemtrails are being sprayed in the sky so that common people cannot see Nibiru in the sky. According to them, numerous militaries around the world are working together to hush up the unavoidable Doomsday by sending military aircrafts to spray vapour and aerosol trails in the sky to cloud our vision.

Cloud formations
Cloud formations Screengrab from YouTube

According to Rogers, the strange patterns and lines seen in cloud formations make it evident that something artificial has been introduced in its vicinity. He has also pointed out a picture of an inverted rainbow seen in Lancashire, saying that the rainbow is a reflection from a heavenly body and is clearly different from earthly rainbow.

The Doomsday sayers have predicted that Nibiru will wreak havoc with our planet in the next three to five years, if not sooner. They keep warning the public to be aware and prepare themselves for the worst.

However, scientists and other experts have denied the truthfulness of these claims, stating that these natural events have been seen before and have nothing to do with Planet X.