Nibiru New Prediction: Will Planet X hit Jupiter instead?

As Nibiru is allegedly on its deadly course, and according to conspiracy theorists, it may hit Jupiter


Nibiru, the mythical lone killer planet allegedly lurking on the edge of our solar system has been ruling the headlines for the past one year. All credit goes to David Meade, the self-proclaimed Christian numerologist who predicted that the world is going to end on September 23. Even though the date passed without any notable devastating events, the buzz surrounding Nibiru is still at its peak, as Meade has claimed that October 15 has triggered the seven day tribulation period on Earth resulting in mass extinction.

Some other group of conspiracy theorists believes that the doomsday will happen on November 19, when Planet X makes its closest approach. Now, let us analyze the scale of devastation Nibiru will inflict on our planet if a hit occurs.

Will Nibiru wipe out entire living beings on Earth?

Conspiracy theorists believe that the close approach of Nibiru will shift the poles on the Earth, and will finally result in natural disasters on the planet including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. People who believe in Nibiru claim that the recent earthquake which happened in Mexico, and the hurricanes which hit the US mainland are the result of Nibiru's powerful gravitational pull.

According to conspiracy theorists, Nibiru's approach will not wipe out the entire human race on the planet. They predict that a reasonable number of human beings will survive on Earth, resulting in a new beginning. According to David Meade, major rebuilding will be needed on the Earth after the massive hit, and nearly half of the population will be affected due to its impact. Meade also added that after these days of cataclysmic events, there will be 100 years of peace, and it is being called the 'Millenium', as per the Book of Revelation.

David Meade also made it clear that these are not the days of the end of the world. The self-proclaimed numerologist has previously made it clear that Nibiru will hit any one of the three big oceans on the Earth, causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis. However, the entire tirade of Meade was stopped with NASA stepping in and clarifying that there is no Nibiru planet and that the stories surrounding the mythical planet are an Internet hoax.

Is Nibiru going to hit the Jupiter?

Not content with NASA denial, another team of Nibiru-aficionados now claims that Nibiru is actually going to hit the Jupiter, and it will only have a close flyby of the Earth. According to a video posted on the channel 'Latest Technology', Nibiru will hit the Jupiter resulting in the entire destabilization of our solar system. It will make the Earth's pole shift causing natural disasters in all nooks of the globe.

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