Niall Horan confirms news of One Direction reunion; What are other icons doing?

The band members going in different directions will surely reform the group and will reunite in One Direction.

One directon
Music group, One Direction will surely reform and reunite. (Pinterest)

Music fans finally have a good news to be thankful for! Singer Niall Horan has confirmed the news of reunion of the on-hiatus music band, One Direction. Horan, the Irish-singer with sky-blue eyes, made everyone tizzy when he broke the news of the band's come-back.

One Direction's Niall Horan said the British group will definitely reform the future. The singer currently in news for releasing his own single This Town, said: "At the moment we are all doing our own thing, Harry wanted to do his movie and everyone is just chilling... I don't think anyone needs to worry about us we are fine." There is of course no certain date of their return, just promises and hopes.

Horan's new single is gaining popularity and has recently tasted success on the charts. Horan said tall the group members are enjoying their time off. Harry Styles signed a recording contract with Columbia Records and has a role in the upcoming Christopher Nolan war film Dunkirk. Hary is also said to be working with Bruno Mars on brand new music.

Liam Payne signed with Capitol Records and has seemingly been spending a lot of time in the studio and possibly dating Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini. He's also caught working on his well muscled physique on his Instagram pictures. While Louis Tomlinson seems to be just chilling out and focusing on his baby boy, Freddie Tomlinson.

Despite many of the band members are busy in building their successful careers, One Direction has a number of awards, accolades, multiple number one singles/albums and sell out tours that reflect their major success as a group before they went on hiatus. So fans are really expecting to see the group perform together. In the meantime there are lot of exciting singles from the singers of the band to look forward to before we finally cheer the group singing together.

The "extended hiatus" announced earlier this year has no definitive end date and now when all the group members are busy finding their success paths in different directions, we are also keeping our fingers crossed to see them reunite, reform and perform in One Direction.

This article was first published on November 30, 2016