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NFTStudio24 has become a worldwide community of people participating in transforming the financial system and the new Blockchain, NFT, and crypto economy. It has been building the most powerful and credible media platform since its launch in 2021. NFTStudio24 is a news website committed to encouraging the development and general use of NFTs, Decentralization, the Metaverse, and other related topics. For accurate news, events, advertising, and much more regarding the enigmatic world of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology go no farther than this website.

We have heard term entrepreneur since we were kids but today is the era of Metaprenuers. These entrepreneurs are transforming their metaverses, creating whole new dimension to the digital world. One of the leading roles that NFTStudio24 is playing is providing an educational and promotional platform to young talent and crypto enthusiasts. NFTStudio24 encourages entrepreneurs and allows them to explore invest in digital assets &create their own Metaverse.

On the subject of promoting the culture of Metaprnuers, NFTStudio24 got a chance to interview Da Hongfei, founder of NEO, a community-based blockchain, Onchain brand. Da is a pioneer in China's blockchain business. Numerous banks, investment firms, and bill exchanges have profited from his critical blockchain technology consulting services.

Da is a blockchain standards developer that has contributed to the development of both Chinese blockchain standards and the global ISO-TC307 blockchain standard. Da shared his journey and articulated, "I began studying the possible applications of blockchain technology in 2011. The intense research enabled me to immediately establish myself as a prominent writer for prominent blockchain media sources like 8BTC and as one of the sector's early enthusiasts."

Any entrepreneur who wants to enter the Metaverse and aim to become a Metaprenuer needs to grasp the decentralized web. The Web2 that we have presently is highly centralized in the hands of giant corporates, yet this is gradually developing into Web3. At the same time, the Metaverse is how the internet or virtual worlds will combine and integrate into our lives so that we will be able to engage with it smoothly.

Let's understand this with the help of an illustration.

We are now on Web 2.0. Companies concentrate on product and service development. Consider Instagram. Do you own your IG content? No, the firm owns everything on the site, including the material created by individuals. They will ban or block you if they want to. Another is the internet game Fortnite. Users have no control over their in-game identities or "owned" goods. Users can't own or monetize their own content in Web 2.0. It is estimated that over 2.5 billion players worldwide have been duped. Nobody owns it. People may create content using blockchain and cryptocurrency while owning, controlling, and monetizing it. This permits NFTs. I'm sure you've heard about it.

Da also discussed with NFTStudio24 's representative the importance of authentic and up-to-date knowledge of Metaverse and Web3 for Metaprenuers. He clarified his point, "Blockchain technology and decentralization philosophy have now led Web3. Web 3 is a protocol innovation. The new Web3 standards allow for more dispersed, inclusive applications. So, beyond economic growth, Web3 fosters human growth and empowerment. Web3, Metaverse, and NFTs are all proliferating. NEO has done a lot of work in these areas. NEO N3 is the perfect place for developers to build a better internet for everyone. We built the Neo N3 blockchain platform to link Web1 and Web2 to the blockchain-based world of Web3. NEO N3 supports the decentralized government. We've invested in a genuinely global ecosystem with NFT and GameFi initiatives and a cross-chain NFT marketplace."

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