NFL Legend Joe Montana and Wife Confront Woman, Save Grandchild From being Kidnapped

The hall of fame player Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer saved their 9-month-old grandchild from getting kidnapped from their Malibu house.

NFL legend Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer Montana faced a woman who was trying to kidnap their grandchild and were successful in saving the child from the hands of the kidnapper. The incident occurred on Saturday and the couple was able to save their grandchild due to timely intervention.

An intruder identified as Sodsai Dalzell was seen carrying the child in her arms when Jennifer Montana spotted her and took the child away from the intruder's hand after confronting her. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department stated that Montana had reported the incident.

NFL legend Joe Montana Jennifer
NFL legend Joe Montana with his wife Jennifer at Arrowhead in 2019. Instagram

It is said that the couple's 9-month-old grandchild was sleeping in a playpen when the Montana couple saw a woman grabbing the child at their home in Malibu, California. Joe Montana confronted the woman, whereas, Jennifer asked the woman to give back their grandchild. After a tussle, she was successful in getting the child back without any injuries.

Intruder Arrested, Details Awaited

After the news became public, Montana took to Twitter to explain the current situation. "Thank you to everyone who has reached out. Scary situation, but thankful that everybody is doing well. We appreciate respect for our privacy at this time," he tweeted.

Soon after the incident, the woman intruder is said to have fled the home. But she was later arrested from a nearby home. She has been booked with charges of kidnapping and burglary. The cops have not given more details about the woman or the reason behind her intruding into Montana's house. The Associated Press reported that it is not sure if Dalzell had a lawyer to fight her case. More details on the case are awaited.

Hall of Fame Montana played for San Francisco 49ers for most of his career. The 64-year former player is considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Due to his skills of winning last-minute touchdowns, he was nicknamed the comeback kid in 1980s. He retired in 1994 after playing for 15 years. Out of this, he played for San Francisco 49ers for 13 years.