Nexus 5 July security update causing widespread volume-bug issues: How to fix

Several Nexus 5 users are experiencing widespread volume-bug issues after installing the July 2016 security update.

Nexus 5 users are in for some great news as an industrious Android developer Francisco Franco has released a fix for the widespread volume-bug issue following the July 2016 security update.

Affected users have been reportedly complaining about the inability to adjust in-call volume or mute apps or adjust the phone's volume sliders as they often became extremely inaudible, due to the inherent bug in the code.

Consequently, some of the affected users expressed their ire on Reddit and other online support forums with the intent of conveying the message to concerned Android developers. The developers have now acknowledged the issue and identified a bug in the code that leads to audio memory allocation failure.

An official fix is still under development while the veteran Android developer Franco has unleashed a fix for the issue, which is confirmed to be absolutely safe to install on your Nexus smartphone.

Those Nexus 5 users who have installed the latest Android firmware from Google or facing persistent audio problems on their device can go ahead and install the fix right away. Others, who are yet to update their Android operating system to the latest Marshmallow firmware, are advised to hold back the system-software upgrade until an official patch is rolled out for the audio bug.

Affected Nexus 5 users can go ahead and download the audio-bug-fix, using the link provided below (courtesy XDA Developers):

Nexus 5 audio-bug-fix