The Next Brené Brown and Jay Shetty Has An Inspirational Origin Story

Goldie Chan

Goldie Chan is getting ready to get on stage. She's not nervous, more excited to be back. Still in awe that no matter how large the room gets, her picture is still on a giant video screen behind her and that there are thousands in front of her waiting on her every word.

She has spoken all over the world – from hosting intimate Hollywood-related Q&As in sunny Los Angeles where she lives to presenting to thousands of eager listeners on glamorous stages in Romania, London and more. Her engaging, charismatic and warm style of speaking appeals to even the most exhausted and jaded of conference goers and direct feedback has been "compelling speaker that is very easy to listen to."

Most recently, Goldie Chan has returned to speaking on familiar and new stages in 2024, from a heartfelt session at Retail Fest in San Diego to energizing workshops at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, sharing her wisdom on growing brands and developing a strong social presence that gets noticed in a sea of noise. Her success on the stage is not a surprise when she is known for her expertise and is an internationally-recognized Senior Contributor at Forbes for Personal Branding and Storytelling in the Digital Age as well as a LinkedIn Top Voice for Social Media.

No career path is a straight line but the creative empath, Huffinton Post's "Oprah of LinkedIn", is not taking a moment for granted. Goldie Chan was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2022 and took off 10 months for the first round of chemotherapy. It was a pause after the pause of the pandemic. At a moment when most were returning to their regular routines, she was deep in a very life-saving treatment.

"I never expected to have to restart – to have to stop my life and career completely and start again from scratch because of the worst health news anyone can get. The experience dealing with cancer and treatment deeply moved me and I learned so much about what is really important and necessary to me and what I want to do in the future. I'm glad to say that I'm currently a cancer survivor and my career is slowly returning to a beautiful thriving state as well."

By 2023, Goldie Chan had restarted her own career from scratch and had begun to work with brands again, travel and speak on stages. She was learning what her own boundaries and limits were in real time and like a good inspirational speaker, she took those lessons and developed them into a talk that she gave at Adobe MAX to creatives on restarting your life and career. She'll be repeating this talk later this year at VidCon to an entirely new set of creatives who are already clamoring to hear her speak again.

It's hard to carve out space in any field and even more difficult when you're not running the race while others are. But with even more perspective, Goldie Chan has carved out a space that few others like Brene Brown, Mel Robbins and Jay Shetty have. She has built a highly dedicated audience by showing true vulnerability, been willing to open up to people and connect beyond a surface level and as she hits the ground running as one of the top ten most sought-after brand evangelists, a partnership with Microsoft, LA Weekly's Breakout Start of 2024, she's stronger and more focused than ever. This is the year everyone knows the name Goldie Chan. But for those that already did, they are excited to see it all coming together.

Goldie Chan is the perfect speaker for inspiring others to grow their personal brand, to restart their career, to understand how to humanize their brand in the age of AI. She's hired by a variety of places to do workshops and deeply moving and thoughtful keynotes. These include large corporate brands and startups like LEGO, Taco Bell, Google and Adobe and also highly competitive conferences like VidCon, RetailFest and Traffic & Conversion Summit. She is always looking to expand both in the United States to new venues and internationally and is very excited about a whole new set of audiences and talks.