Newt Gingrich Calls Joe Biden a Liar; Netizens Ask if President's Cognitive Disability a Cover for Dishonesty

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called U.S. President Joe Biden "a liar" and stated that the Biden family were like criminals in an old-fashioned mafia sense. Gingrich further stated that Biden had misused the office of the Vice President also.

The statement has once again created a furor on social media platforms as a large number of people are questioning whether the episodes of President Biden's absent-mindedness and speech slurs were just a mask to hide his true colors of a "corrupt politician".

Former house speaker Newt Gingrich

Unmask the Corrupt Politician; Social Media Chatter

It is an effective way of keeping the larger issues involving the corrupt practices of the Biden Family in the backseat by acting like an "insane and lost" person, added some of the social media followers.

Not letting go of a chance to criticize and ridicule Biden, a faction of his detractors stated that everybody knows that Biden is corrupt and a liar, but Gingrich's statement has given affirmation to the well-known fact. They even called upon Gingrich to join hands with likeminded people and unmask Biden.

Gingrich is being referred to as an honest and humble politicians on various social media platforms. People have even termed it as the beginning of a war between the good and the evil.

As reported by the New York Post, Gingrich, while speaking at WABC radio show, accused the Biden family of being involved in deep-rooted corrupt practices that have surfaced in the White House. Gingrich also added that the U.S. president blatantly lies about everything.

A twitter user stated, "@MariaBartiromo@newtgingrich great interview. Interesting massive corruption info about the 71 million from CCP donners to the University of PA. & we all thought Joe Biden was having a cognitive moment last week when he stated "I am a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania"

Another user expressed, "@TrishRohal 8h @newtgingrich. Thank You for reminding everyone about the U of PA and Communist Chinese Money that benefitted @JoeBiden."

A tweet read, "It is so Sad how CORRUPT the BIDEN FAMILY is, and we know that Hunter is the Scape Goat Junkie Son. #Investigate them!"

"Newt Gingrich: 'Joe Biden is a liar' With all due respect Mr. Gingrich..YA THINK???? Among ALL the other negatives ie shameful, disrespectful, damaging, terrible things Biden DESERVES to be called .."Master of LYING" ranks #1 #BidenBDONE", read another tweet.