Newly Surfaced Photographs Reveal That Uvalde Police Had Rifles and Ballistic Shield to Stop the Killer at Robb Elementary School

New photographs have surfaced on social media that reveal the fact that Uvalde Police had adequate protective gear including rifles and a ballistic shield which were enough to stop the killer. This had not been disclosed previously and the revelation has left the people shocked, leaving a lot for the Uvalde police department to answer.

Delayed action on the part of the Uvalde police department during the massacre at Robb Elementary School was already under scanner but the newly surfaced photographs show that cops had rifles and a ballistic shield, still they failed to act.

Uvalde Cops with Rifles and ballistic shield

Cops Should Have Let the Parents Perform the Heroic Act of Saving their Children; Social Media

The social media is once again buzzing with comments against the Uvalde Police Department, seeking explanation over "58 minutes" delay in entering the classroom and taking down the killer.

Dubbing the cops as "cowards" with no sense of duty, no courage and no honor, the social media followers have once again demanded a strict action against the erring cops. People ae even demanding that the cops who were on present at the massacre site should be charged with dereliction of duty.

Some of the followers also stated that the cops should have stepped aside and should have let the parents perform the heroic act of saving their children.

"They had patrol rifles and a ballistic shield and waited for 58 mins while students bled out. Uvalde Police are cowards," wrote a Twitter user while expressing anguish.

Replying to @ShimonPro and @tplohetski another Twitter user wrote, "Cowards. They should have let the parents in to storm the room and save the children and teachers. They would have done the job without hesitation. #UvaldePolice."

Replying to @donwinslow @CNN and @ShimonPro, a Twitter user stated, "So 19 officers stood back and stood by? That's one #UvaldePolice armed officer per child that was killed. Even those odds were too much for them. Well at least all the cowards survived. Cops: 19-0 Children:0-19 #UvaldePoliceCowards #UvaldeschoolMassacre."

"COWARDS. They should all be charged. Uvalde Police Dept failed to do their jobs. Let children die while children made desperate pleas for help. COWARDS ALL OF THEM," read a tweet.