Although the popularity of zoom has skyrocketed amid the Coronavirus pandemic, its users are increasingly falling prey to the cyber criminals. According to the latest research by Abnormal Security, cyber criminals are sending phishing emails to many enterprise employees around the world to gain access to their computer cameras and microphones. The researchers found that the phishing campaign has already delivered the email to over fifty-thousand corporate employees around the world.

The Phishing Campaign
Riding on the scare factor, the phishing message pretends to be a zoom conference invitation from the employer's HR to discuss the immediate suspension or termination from the job. The email sometimes has even more convincing subject line such as "Q1 review performance meeting," to convince the victims on clicking it. As it happens, the phishing message comes preloaded with a malicious link. To avoid any suspicion, the link comes embedded with an innocent-looking text reading "Join this Live Meeting."

The Kill-chain
Once the victim clicks on the link, they would get redirected to a malicious website intending to compromise the data and login credentials of their respective Zoom accounts. The researchers have explained that the malicious website looks like an absolute rip-off of the official Zoom login page and replaces the user id and password fields with its own text field to capture the victim's credentials.

The Zoom Malware
Meanwhile, researchers from Morphisec have found out a new vulnerability in the Zoom application, which could help the hackers inject malware and record videos or capture the text of an ongoing video conference without getting noticed. The newly found Zoom malware could also let the hackers record the meeting even after the victims disables the recording feature for the participants. The users don't even get notified about the recording. The latest vulnerability could affect all the latest versions of the Zoom software. The Morphisec researchers have already reached out to Zoom over the latest security flaw.

The cast of SNL on a Zoom call
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