New Zealanders build island in 'international waters' for partying without alcohol ban

Drinking International waters
Facebook: David Saunders

In a bid to avoid public drinking of alcohol, a group of New Zealanders constructed a sand island in coastal waters and enjoyed the New Year lavishly there. According to reports, a group of party lovers have built the structure at low tide in the Tairua estuary on the Coromandel Peninsula. After completing the structure by Sunday afternoon, the revellers installed a picnic table and icebox for drinks.

An innovative way of legal drinking?

The partygoers were exempted from the official liquor ban as they were drinking in "International waters". A ban on public drinking is in force in Coromandel peninsula during the New Year period and anyone who violates this law will be fined up to $250 or will be arrested.

Even though the group did an illegal move, the authorities are not very much concerned about it, and they have taken it in a light-hearted way. John Kelley, the local police commander said that he would have joined the party if he had known about it.

However, this daring initiative from the Kiwi teens has not gone well with some people. Some people criticized the police for not taking legal action against the law violators, while some others claimed that police force in New Zealand is not meant for arresting drunk teens, and parents should take care of these issues.

From Sunday afternoon until the dawn of 2018, the group drank in the island, and surprisingly, the structure remained intact even on Monday morning. Well, some people really started the new year on a courageous not.