New Year Eve: Vatican, Times Square, Paris figure in latest propaganda image of ISIS

ISIS threatens Vatican City, London, New York and Paris with latest propaganda image focusing on Christmas and New Year's Eve when these cities are full of tourists.

New York city truck terror attack
New York city truck terror attack Reuters

Festivals, gatherings, excitement and frolic might no longer be fun-filled for the denizens of New York. What's New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square without the time ball? The ball drop happens to be a prominent part of the celebration. The ball, descends from 141 feet in 60 seconds, beginning at 11:59:00 pm ET. Tourists around the world gather in Times Square to witness this age-old tradition in New York, which signals the beginning of another year, with new hopes and better future.

Citizens of the 'Big Apple' and tourists from around the world are now gripped in fear after an ISIS supporter released a dreadful image of Christmas and how it might turn out this year in Times Square. New Year's Eve seems to be topsy-turvy this year.

The poster released by the ISIS supporter shows Santa Claus overlooking Times Square with a box of dynamite by his side. The street is shown to be filled with pedestrians and the text attached to the image reads:

"We meet at Christmas in New York... soon".

Fear-inducing posters such as this have been circulated throughout social media, focusing on countries where Christmas and New Year is celebrated with enthusiasm. A poster with a man holding a bloody knife near Eiffel Tower and a jihadist standing behind Santa in London's Regent Street has emerged, creating ripples on social media and anxiety among the masses.

The Vatican was also not spared. The Wafia Media Foundation released a message for the jihadists that stated, "The crusaders' feast is approaching". They also released a poster with the title "Christmas Blood".

These are the latest propaganda images, warning of attacks during Christmas and New Year, across Europe and America. The common phrase in the images, comes in English, French and German, stating: "Soon on your holidays".

Like previous years, this year the vigilance will be strong with the police keeping an eye on every nook and corner.

These images are reminiscent of the December 19 terror attack on a Berlin Christmas Market last year, when a Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri, drove a truck into the Christmas Market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin.