New WWE story line? Goldberg-Dolf Ziggler get into fight at Las Vegas [VIDEO]

Goldberg WWE official website

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg took to Instagram and shared a video of him and his arch-rival Dolph Ziggler fighting against each other at a restaurant which ignited the discussions regarding the rivalry between the two.

After the decisive clash at the SummerSlam where the two former Heavyweight Champions fought against each other, it felt like that it will be an end to the rivalry of the duo.

Following the fight which Goldberg won quite comfortably, Ziggler joined Robert Roode to form a tag team and won the RAW Tag Team Championships at the Clash of the Champions.

It seemed all over between the two rivals but the latest video shared by the 52-year-old wrestler proves that their hatred for each other is actually still the same.

The video shared by Goldberg which was posted on August 20 features him getting into a fight with Ziggler in a restaurant while 'friends' from the MMA world came and stopped them as they were continuously trying to hit each other.

According to the 52-year-old wrestler, the restaurant is the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse located in Las Vegas where the veteran wrestler usually goes to.

He mentioned that as he was expecting to meet some of his friends and did not expect Ziggler to be present there. Unfortunately, the 39-year-old wrestler was present there and they got into a fight. He also mentioned that the wrestler-cum-stand-up comedian must thank him as he was not that hungry at that point of time.

"What happens in Vegas obviously doesn't stay in Vegas! My usual stop at andiamolv to see richardwilk and bellatormma roynelsonmma came with an unexpected surprise. Looks like heelziggler and I still don't see eye to eye! Fortunately for him I wasn't still hungry! AND ufc's erykanders was there to help him get away," his post read.

Now, the biggest question is whether it is a part of the WWE storyline or a legitimate fight? Is the WWE just messing up with the fans to get a rematch is also a big question?

This article was first published on September 21, 2019