New Windows 10 feature lets you experience Cortana right out of the box

For anyone who has a disability or trouble using a keyboard or a mouse, this is a really welcome move by Microsoft

We are slowly getting accustomed to using voice-aided virtual assistants for our day to day life. It's not only Siri anymore, with which we are familiar, but an entire ecosystem has evolved and we can't thank it enough. However, the integration has been obvious in certain spaces and in some areas the integration has silently come through without much fanfare waiting to be discovered.

One such nifty integration was noticed by Forbes contributor, Ian Morris, while he was reinstalling Windows Microsoft 10 in his computer. Usually, this would go unnoticed by many because we rarely tend to reinstall the operating software and most of the times the Windows Laptop we buy comes with the operating system pre-installed and ready to go from the start. But if you do end up installing or re-installing Microsoft Windows 10, you will be presently surprised to know that Cortana, which is Microsoft's home-grown voice-aided virtual assistant, is ready to work right out of the box, where desktop PCs might require drivers and such to get their microphones working.

It's still not clear, as reported Forbes, that how Windows manages if it can't find a microphone - presumably it just guides the user with Cortana's voice to input things with the keyboard.


All you would have to do is give it Wifi password and username, volia! You are good to go. This makes it a walk in the park for someone to go through the entire process with a "yes" or "no" and since computers, these days pick up voices and modulations clear enough, the chances of you making a mistake with even the basic commands never occur.

For anyone who has a disability or trouble operating a keyboard or mouse, this is a really nice introduction into the Windows.

It is not only a clever little hack but is essentially a premonition how cushioned things are going to get in the future: maybe we will just breeze through the entire day just by uttering a few words to perform all the tasks. Such days might not be further away as tech giants are always pushing the limit to do things that were not possible even a few years back.