New security procedures at US airports sure to affect Singapore

The new security measures might affect the East and Southeastern regions, causing a delay in flight take-offs, thus raising concerns over extended processing time and flight delays.

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An Airbus A380-841 airplane of Singapore Airlines takes-off from Zurich airport, Switzerland, April 14, 2016. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

New security procedures in airports, covering all American air carriers and global airlines will affect at least 2,100 flights globally. The US government stated on Wednesday, October 25 that all incoming flights to the US will go through the new screening procedures before taking off. This in a way is bound to affect the East and Southeastern regions, including Singapore, causing a delay in flight take-offs. The issue on the same has apparently sparked concerns over extended processing time and flight delays.

The new rule seems much more comprehensive than the ones which denied carrying laptops inside some airliners, primarily targeting ten Middle-eastern cities and their airlines. This is said to affect 325,000 airline passengers on 2,100 commercial flights, which arrive daily to the US and 180 airlines covering 208 airports in 105 countries. Details of the same were first revealed by the Dubai based Emirates which operates world's busiest airport for international travel.

Amidst the confusion, this news was welcomed by all. Five global air carriers have already geared up for the new security interviews. Each of the airlines revealed how they are planning to proceed with this issue.

Longer security interviews with passengers at check-ins or at the boarding gate has become a major concern for most of the passengers. Eastern and Southeastern airlines too will face a major issue when it comes to maintaining time and order while the checking procedure is on, prior to flight take-offs. However, airport authorities and airlines of the south-eastern regions have planned it before-hand to rule out any confusion.

Singapore Airlines clearly stated that their checks could include inspection of personal electronic devices and passengers will be interrogated during check-ins and boarding.

Cathay Pacific Airways revealed that in-town check-ins and self bag-drop services will be suspended for passengers boarding the flights to the United States. Passengers have been requested to arrive three hours before departure and have confirmed that commuters will face short security interviews.

Korean airlines are however concerned with the new measures. "We are asking customers to show up at the airport early ... It's just inconvenient for the passengers," President and Chief Operating Officer Walter Cho told Reuters in Taipei. Customers have been asked to report early in order to prevent any inconvenience.

Steve Chang, senior vice president of the Taiwanese firm stated that these new measures are a big issue for China Airlines. He further added that the airline is trying to contact the American Institute over this issue.

"The security measures affect all individuals, international passengers and US citizens, traveling to the United States from the last point of departure international location,'' said Lisa Farbstein, a spokeswoman for the US Transportation Security Administration. "These new measures will impact all flights from airports that serve as last points of departure locations to the United States."

The new rule is all set to scan personal electronic devices thoroughly. This latest decision by US President Donald Trump's administration can be one of the factors that might affect global travel. This new rule has been imposed to increase security measures for the aircraft and passenger areas and particularly of the places where travelers can be properly checked by US officials before their departure.