New SBS drama Defendant starts with a bang, beats Hwarang: The Beginning and Night Light

Lead star Ji Sung says "Defendant" is one of the most difficult projects he has ever worked on.

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The new SBS drama "Defendant" started off with some impressive viewership ratings. Reportedly, the premiere episode of the drama topped the ratings chart of the Monday-Tuesday dramas. In fact, the new drama bested KBS 2TV's "Hwarang: The Beginning" and MBC's "Night Light."

According to Nielsen Korea, as cited by Soompi, the first episode of the SBS drama "Defendant" starring Ji Sung and Uhm Ki Joon reached an average TV rating of 14.5 percent. Meanwhile, the 11th episode of KBS 2TV's "Hwarang: The Beginning", which is in the same time slot, received nationwide ratings of 11 percent.

In the same time slot, the 11th episode of KBS 2TV's "Hwarang: The Beginning" recorded nationwide ratings of 11 percent, while the MBC melodrama "Night Light's" 18th episode received got 4.1 percent. A staff from "Defendant" said: "The drama will keep you on the edges of your seats as Park Jung Woo's life suddenly takes a fall."

In the drama, Park Jung Woo (Ji) who is an intelligent and skilled prosecutor, is being framed for the murder of his wife and daughter. After he finds himself a convict, he struggles hard to prove that he is innocent. Meanwhile, he also suffers from impermanent amnesia.

The "Nightmare High" actor is playing two roles - Cha Min Ho and Cha Sun Ho. Cha Min Ho, who is a serial killer, dies suddenly and Cha Sun Ho believes that Park Jung Woo is the one who killed his twin. Hence, Cha Sun Ho wants Park Jung Woo behind bars at any cost even under false charges.

Reportedly, Ji claimed that "Defendant" is one of the most difficult projects he has ever worked on. , "I was constantly in a state of tears since I tormented myself in different ways, by either pushing my limits while exercising or continuously reading the script," Yonhap quoted Ji as saying.

Ji further added: "I keep having dreams of me hanging on the verge of death or saving a family from distress. That's why it's been hard at times, but it also made me wonder, 'What dream will I have today?'"

"Defendant" airs every Monday-Tuesday at 10:00 PM on SBS.

This article was first published on January 25, 2017