New Pokemon GO update brings 80 Gen 2 Pokemon and encounter gameplay: Download APK now

More than 80 Johto Region aka Gen 2 Pokemons are now available in Pokemon GO with a handful of exciting new features.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon
New Pokemon GO update brings 80 new Pokemon and encounter gameplay: Download APK now

The long-awaited gen 2 Pokemon are finally here as Niantic Labs has just announced the addition of more than 80 Pokemon from the Johto region into the game. Select Pokemon like Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile from the Generation II Gold and Silver video games will make their way into Nintendo's popular augmented-reality game, later this week.

The Gen 2 Pokemon will be available for hunting in the wild as well as by hatching eggs. Apart from using the Pokeballs, you can now use Berries directly from the encounter screen while new evolution feature will enable trainers to evolve Pokemon from Kanto region to Johto Region Pokemon using special evolution items at PokeStops.

One can also customise avatars with a whole new selection of shirts, pants, hats and other items. Although, it is not clear if the avatar items will be available for free or via in-app purchase for Pokemon GO.

Check out the complete changelog for the forthcoming Pokemon GO update (below):

Meanwhile, the updated version of Pokemon GO is already available as an APK download for Android users. Interested users can grab the APK file via APK Mirror here or Google Play Store here.

In related news, Niantic's CEO John Hanke has recently announced the arrival of two new features, real-time PvP battles and co-operative trading, in the forthcoming Pokemon GO updates.