New Pokemon GO hack helps find PokeStops and gyms

Avid Pokemon GO app developer rolls out PokemonGOMap with marked locations for known PokeStops and gyms.

The Pokemon GO frenzy has fuelled a new breed of apps as developers are unearthing new tools to help players capture the toughest Pokemons in a jiffy. Recently, an avid Pokemon app developer figured out a way to pin-point the spawn locations for specific Pokemon types, using a customised map with user inputs from across the globe.

Riding on the success of the Pokemon custom-mapping app, another industrious developer has unleashed the PokemonGOMap which enables players to pin-point over 2.3 million Pokestops and gym locations with utmost accuracy. The new app was launched on 22 July (last Friday) for free and it can be run inside the browser.

The app enables users to vote and comment on the newly discovered locations and the service holds a track record of registering at least 5,000 new members every day. It is as simple as signing into your Google account, scanning your surrounding area and uploading the same into the real-world map.

It must be noted that Pokestops and gyms will sit right on top of the Google Maps and thereby enabling you to identify new locations in your quest for special items and Pokeballs. Users can also report on faulty or glitch-ridden hotspots and ask for removal of the same.

If you are a power user and looking to dominate the game with little effort then PokemonGOMap can be accessed here.