The New NFT trend is surging as human values are given importance


Kenkyo promotes humbleness through its NFT project.

As we move forward from the initial stage of the NFT trend, one of the questions people have asked is whether there will be anything new that can be done with NFTs. Many projects are started to push the limits of NFTs. Still, instead, the biggest challenge they have is coming up with a use case that allows them to bridge the gap between blockchain and the real world.

Kenkyo is a project that is building the NFT-based ecosystem. The name "Kenkyo" means humility in Japanese. As a core value, humility is a value that all the founders believe is extremely important to have as an individual. Some may take this as a narrowness or weakness. Still, their idea of humility encompasses kind and positive thinking, compassion, and mindfulness: these are the traits of someone humble yet strong-willed. It can be said from these traits that "Humility" stands for what we want to achieve as the purpose of Kenkyo.

The project is not available for public sale. Instead, a limit of 777 tokens will ever be issued, and the team will handpick holders. The team has not yet decided on the roadmap, but this is where the founders come in. They will select people based on how they see the future of Kenkyo and what they can contribute to the project. They're looking for strong-willed people to be a part of Kenkyo community, who want to make the world a better place, who want to be humble to listen and learn but at the same time are forward-thinking innovators.

Kenkyo's revolutionary token structure, combined with the unique Loyalties program, is a significant factor that makes Kenkyo different. This is a powerful NFT utility with real-world application by having the token holders benefit from secondary sales.

The team will choose carefully who can genuinely bring something new and unique to the table that others haven't seen before. Its ecosystem is built to be decentralized, with no centralized authority. It takes a lot of research, time, and even some luck to be able to see something so different and exciting in the blockchain space. The Kenkyo founders are not only looking for passion and dedication but also a determination never to give up, to stick with it through the tough times and challenges in life.

It is secured on the Ethereum blockchain. Its primary goal is to provide value to the holders in unique revolutionary ways. An elite alpha team with a proven track record on board securing WL opportunities exclusively for their holders. The project is a multi-faceted utilization of NFTs in real-world applications.