New Methods of Dr. Amir Feily in Beauty, Dermatology, Hair Transplantation and Medicine Principally Changed the World of Many Patients

Dr. Amir Feily

Dr. Amir Feily, an Iranian dermatologist who has also been selected as the best dermatologist in Iran, has developed a lot of methods in the treatment of many dermatologic diseases until now and published around 100 ISI articles in the field of dermatology, hair transplantation, beauty and medicine.

One of his interesting methods was treating vitiligo by combination of Co2 laser and hair transplantation. He had published his method in the journal of dermatologic surgery and treated a lot of resistant palmoplantar vitiligo patients by this method. Another interesting invented method of Dr Feily is treating lost skin tissue by laser. Interestingly by one session laser he has meticulously repaired a lot of lost tissues and by stimulation of new tissues returned them to their original state. It is so strange, by laser beam he stimulates new tissues and repairs the tissues because the laser is just for resurfacing and cutting but he could find a method for stimulating tissues. Dr. Feily have been treated with a lot of scars until now by this method. Regarding the scars many dermatologic and plastic reference books recommend to do surgery but Dr.Feily believes that such scars should not be operated on and most of the time these scars can be easily treated with laser. Actually we can name him the Godfather of treating the scars.

Another unique method of Dr.Feily In recent years was treatment of acne scar that has had very interesting results and has been associated with a recovery of between 75 and 100 percent. Acne scars are really non treatable and devastating for the patients but thanks God Dr. Feilys method in acne scars have been treated by many resistant patients in these years. Another method we should mention is new treatment for melasma which is so interesting. Notably Melasma is one of the unsolvable dilemmas in dermatology and beauty that Dr. Feily has been able to find a very interesting laser method for treating many resistant patients. Until now most of the methods in the treatment of melsama has been unsuccessful with high recurrence rate but Dr.Feily method in this regard was completely successful without any recurrence until now. He treats the patients just with one session laser without any recurrence.