New Korean variety show Namwon Sangsa promoting women violence?

The title of the new Korean variety show literally means "male vitality increasing company".

Jang Dong Min
Jang Dong Min Twitter

A new Korean variety show titled Namwon Sangsa is infuriating the netizens because of its controversial content. The literal meaning of the title of the variety show is "male vitality increasing company" and it is reportedly all about men who want to take revenge on women. Kim Jun Ho, Shin Dong Yup, and Jang Dong Min would be a part of this new Korean variety show.

According to AllkPop, the show says, "Men who have been oppressed by women, rise up! Male territory will start to increase with 'Namwon Sangsa'.

Some of the netizens, be it men or women, voiced against the tagline. The new Korean variety show, which is set to be aired in April caused a stir among the public.

TV network XTM, which is to launch the new Korean variety show, explained that the netizens misunderstood the show's advertisements and did not understand the actual meaning. "It's a program to support men who are exhausted by this generation, and it was planned to help understand men and also foster understanding between men and women," the statement reads, via All K-Pop.

"We think the expressions that we used to try to humorously deliver the message of the program caused some misunderstanding. We will be more careful in planning so we could create a program that can be resonated with," the representatives from the upcoming Korean variety show explained.

Apart from Namwon Sangsa, the other upcoming Korean television shows for this year include One TV Asia and they are the following: Innocent Defendant, I'm Sorry but I Love You, Ghost, Remember, The Women's Room, among others, The Jakarta Post reported.

This article was first published on February 24, 2017