New Gods movie: DCEU's Justice League continuity could still go on with this Darkseid casting

It looks like director Ava DuVernay could honour Zack Snyder's Justice League continuity with the DCEU by casting Ray Porter for New Gods

A lot of eyes are currently on the upcoming Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 for this year in 2020. But DC fans haven't forgotten the New Gods movie that has long been in development with director Ava DuVernay and writer Tom King attached to the project. One of the reasons behind its anticipation is, of course, Darkseid, the finest trump card villain from the DC Universe.

For those unaware, the New Gods movie will feature characters created by the legendary veteran Jack Kirby. Though there isn't many details available on the movie yet, the director confirmed that Darkseid will be appearing in the film along with others such as Big Barda and Mister Miracle.
Fans came close to see another version of Darkseid in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Darkseid actor from Justice League Snyder cut wants to play lord of Apokolips

Darkseid from Injustice game
Darkseid/ Injustice

Unfortunately, after his departure from the project due to a family tragedy, the ensemble DC film was cut and pieced together with new footage from reshoots to tell a different narrative.

In Snyder's original cut of Justice League, actor Ray Porter was brought onboard to play as the lord of Apokolips. Though it still remains unknown if fans would ever see that version in a Snyder cut, there still could be a way for Warner Bros to honour that continuity.

DuVernay, in her recent update from earlier this week, revealed that she was still working on the script with King. However, she's also "dreaming of actors" to cast for the DC film. Surprisingly, the director is also taking notes of "fan casting" that's currently rampant on Twitter.

Fans support Ray Porter's casting for New Gods movie to honour DCEU continuity

New Gods DC Comics
New Gods/ DC Comics

The latest twist comes from actor Ray Porter himself who tweeted at DuVernay, tagging her and letting her know "I'm available" to play as Darkseid in New Gods movie. You can check out the tweet below. The tweet has gained a lot of traction with many fans coming in support of the casting. Moreover, many believe that this casting could honour the continuity.

By now, fans would be well aware that after the Justice League fiasco, Warner Bros. has avoided addressing continuity in recent DC films and is prioritizing on making good solo titles. Nonetheless, the studio, as well as other directors, have swayed away from revealing if the DCEU is undergoing a course correction or will it continue with the same arc set out by Snyder in Man of Steel.

Casting Porter for Darkseid could certainly help in wrapping up the debate over DCEU continuity for the present. But it remains to be seen if DuVernay will hear out fans as well the actor's plea to play the role.