New docu-film on BTS breaks US box office record

BTS holding their awards
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According to Forbes, the latest docu-film on BTS has become the highest grossing film on a musical production of all time.

"Burn the Stage: The Movie" garnered an impressive $1.2 million at the US box office on the first day of release and went on to earn an additional $2.3 million over the long weekend. The report also claimed that the movie managed to earn a whopping $3.54 million in the US alone breaking the record set by One Direction in 2014 for their concert film. The movie has also racked up $9.3 million outside the States.

The boy bands' fans fondly known as the ARMY have been eagerly awaiting its release since they had a glimpse of the documentary. According to Trafalgar Releasing, the film's distributor, "nearly 1 million tickets had been sold worldwide a week in advance with fan viewing parties set up across the globe". The film follows the band on its 2017 Live Trilogy Episode: The Wings Tour and features both concert footage and interviews with the band members".

The movie, slated to release unanimously on November 15 across the globe in over 70 countries missed its release in India marking its official sign of recognition of the Indian fan base by Big Hit Entertainment. The Indian fans of BTS faced disappointment after INOX cancelled the screening claiming that "the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) requesting the content to be refined and sent back", said the post from INOX.

The statement from INOX caused confusion among fans questioning what "refinement" CBFC expects from a docu-film. According to Mirror, CBFC clarified that "it has be misinterpreted while the CBFC is merely waiting for the full documentary which was not provided and requested to blur a liquor bottle shown in the film" said Tushar Karmarkar, Regional Officer of CBFC.

The movie has been granted a U/A certification on Friday and is slated to release on November 25 across India.

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