New Disease Outbreak in Sudan? 'Unknown' Deadly Fever Kills 8 in African Country

The doctors of Sudan expect the cause of the fever to be found in contaminated floodwater as the country continues to fight against the coronavirus

As the world continues to struggle to fight against the deadly novel coronavirus or COVID-19, researchers are working at a rapid pace to find a cure for the disease. Now, eight people have lost their lives in Sudan's Northern State due to an unknown fever, the Ministry of Health of Sudan has revealed.

"The ministry received a report on Saturday concerning 41 cases of fever in the Northern State, including eight deaths," the official statement read. It also added that a medical team has been sent for investigating the cases and trying to identify the disease, which has caused the deadly fever. "Samples were taken for laboratory examination to confirm the diagnosis, and to strengthen interventions to prevent and control the disease," the statement mentioned.

Deadly Fever Kills 8 in Sudan

Coronavirus Doctors

The doctors and experts of Sudan expect the cause of the fever to be found in contaminated floodwater that immersed large parts of the nation in recent weeks. Stagnant water has the ability to start outbreaks of deadly diseases like cholera, malaria or dengue fever.

Since the month of June, 121 people have lost their lives in Sudan and 54 others have got injured due to the flash floods. On Septmeber 5, the Sudanese Defence and Security Council desifgnated the nation a 'natural disaster area' and declared nationwide state of emergency for three months.

Amidst all these difficulties, the deadly fever that has killed eight people and increased the fears among the people about a new unknown disease outbreak. The coronavirus outbreak has already infected more than 31.6 million people globally and claimed the lives of over 971,000 people worldwide in more than 170 countries.

The deadly disease has already infected over 13,000 people in the North African country as more than 830 people have lost their lives, as per latest reports. Now, the arrival of a new unknown disease could cause major difficulties for the country. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future. An effective vaccine for the novel coronavirus is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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