New couple in town: 2AM's Jinwoon dating this K-pop idol since the last two years

The couple met through their label, JYP Entertainment.

Music has brought yet another K-pop idol into a love bondage. Wonder Girls' Yenny and 2AM's Jinwoon's fans were shocked after news emerged that they are dating.

The duo have been reportedly sharing the bond from the last two years.

Sports Donga exclusively learnt about the couple through an unnamed source on 20 September. The reports claimed that the couple met during their training days at JYP Entertainment. While the two shared an incredible sunbae-hoobaes relationship initially, their closeness grew and the two started dating in 2014. The report also stated that both of the idols used to hide their relationship in front of gathering and friends.

Meanwhile, Yenny's current label, and Jinwoons past agency, JYP Entertainment has come forward to affirm the dating news. The agency relayed that the two have been together from their training days and share an enchanting bond with their common love for music.

JYP said: "Yenny and Jinwoon have built up a special relationship by being under the same company and by sharing their musical interests. The two, who shared a common denominator called music, went from friends to lovers toward the beginning of 2014, and continue to maintain their relationship even after Jinwoon signed on with Mystic Entertainment."

"Even now, they hold back no advice or encouragement toward each other's music, and remain a beautiful musician couple. Please watch over Yenny and Jinwoon's relationship fondly and cheer them on," they added.

Jinwoon and Yenny started their journey as South Korean band members in 2008 and 2007 respectively. Both of the idols are the product of JYP Entertainment. However, the 25-year-old shifted his base to Mystic in April 2015.