The Internet, as we know, is full of scams and false ads that target unsuspecting users and lure them into downloading malicious softwares, which in turn affects their internet presence as well as the device. Unfortunately, the more we are fighting with this problem, the worse it is getting.


A new piece of malware is recently roving over the internet, which is seen to be affecting Chrome users, both on Windows and Macs.

Found by NeoSmart Technologies this new "font wasn't found" malware is appearing in a form, which looks like a real Chrome pop-up. How it is operating is that first, the infected website is showing random characters and then a pop-up impersonating Chrome is appearing asking the users to install a missing font so that you can load the page correctly.


The pop-up bears a couple of fake information that is trying to convince the users to click on it and install it. This fake information includes a section that lists a fake "Chrome Font Pack" version as well as the "current" version. Clicking on the 'Update' button then downloads an application installer.

It is although currently unknown that what damage might this malicious software bring to your system but it's always good to take precautions. You should definitely get some anti-virus programs if you don't have them already. Right now the Chrome and Windows Defender are not viewing it as very dangerous.