New Accusations of Sexual Assault Made Against R Kelly; Did R&B Singer Abuse Teenage Boy?

Prosecutors made fresh allegations of sexual abuse against R&B singer R Kelly.

Federal prosecutors have requested the judge to admit evidence of several new allegations against disgraced singer Robert Sylvester Kelly. Prosecutors have brought up additional allegations against Kelly including the singer abusing a teenage boy 15 years ago.

Prosecutors said that the new allegations for which Kelly has not been charged were directly relevant to the evidence of the charged crimes. Kelly's next trial has been scheduled for August 18. Currently he is lodged in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Recently, Kelly's bail plea was rejected. Despite prosecutors presenting a set of evidences, Kelly still maintains innocence.

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New Evidences against Kelly

Giving details about newly found evidences, prosecutors told the court that Kelly had sexually harassed a 17-year-old boy in 2006. Documents state that Kelly met a boy has been named John Doe 1 in a McDonalds store in Chicago and asked the teenager if he wanted to succeed in the music business.

However, the boy was not interested in music, but referred one of his close teenager friends to Kelly. This person was mentioned as John Doe 2. After some years, Kelly is said to have started a sexual relationship with John Doe 2. After a while, the R&B singer is also said to have forced John Doe 2 to have sex with Kelly's girlfriends, while he filmed their act.

Prosecutors have also got their hands on new evidences that soon after the release of a documentary Surviving R. Kelly on Netlfix in 2019, a man described as Kelly's crisis manager had bribed a Cook County clerk $2,500 to get inside information about the charges being levelled against him.

The documentary Surviving R. Kelly was about women who came out and opened up about the harassment they underwent at the hands of Kelly. One of the greatest R&B singers of all time, Kelly has been accused of abuse, paedophilia, and predatory behavior toward women.

Kelly's Marriage to Haughton

Another major evidence against Kelly is that he had sexually harassed teenage singer Aaliyah Haughton. Documents state that Kelly had sexually abused Haughton, 15, and had married her in 1994, to stop her from testifying against him. In 2001, Haughton died in a plane crash.

The prosecution also said that it had sufficient evidence against Kelly's illegal money payments and psychological abuses. In one such evidence, prosecution stated that a woman named John Doe 5 was forced to find child pornographic contents involving boys. She is expected to testify against Kelly. Prosecutors also have audio recordings of Kelly abusing women.

Kelly was arrested by New York Police Department and federal officers on charges of child pornography and rape in July 2019. He faces two sets of federal charges in New York and Chicago.

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