Networking Made Easy Thanks To Guestio App by Travis Chappell

Travis Chappell

When the pandemic exploded in early 2020 the world found itself in a lockdown of epic proportions relying on all kinds of methods to keep themselves busy. While initially, these methods looked like forms of futile distraction such as binging Netflix, as the months went by a global scale increase of people funneling their time and energy into productive uses began to take place.

For instance, the exponential rate of business start-up applications skyrocketed. By July 2020 applications hit an all-time peak. Furthermore, for every month between August 2020 and April 2021, the gross total was higher than any of the months between 2004 and the onset of the pandemic. While the array of new businesses was vast, for many, starting a new profession or side hustle began with launching a podcast to pass the time.

The podcast industry had already been gaining traction in the years leading up to the pandemic, however, Podcast Insights reported that there are currently over 2 million active podcasts with over 48 million episodes. This is a staggering statistic given that as recent as 2018 there were only 500 000 active podcasts. With the outpour of folks launching shows and working to connect with others in aid of making their show stand out, solutions were few and far between to contribute anything for those finding themselves in this position.

That is until well-versed podcaster and business mogul Travis Chappell completely radicalized the game with the launch of his software Guestio. The marketplace puts focus on connecting businesses with those looking to promote their show on a platform otherwise unavailable. Guestio allows show hosts to easily book top-level talent through customized pitches that are emblematic of their brand and encourage building an authentic network as opposed to sending out widespread mass pitches with no thought behind them.

As if that wasn't enough, Guestio also provides show hosts, the opportunity to rake in well-earned revenue for their efforts for the audience they build. Putting the primary hub onto cultivating relationships to build a network is not a concept unknown to Guestio's creator: Chappell's entire brand is based on the concept of the immense value networking brings.

Chappell expresses, "Networking is so important. The number one factor that contributed to my ability to think bigger than myself was getting around high-level people and being a fly on the wall. The way they communicate, the numbers they talk about, the people they know—it's all way bigger than I had ever thought. You can only achieve to the level that you believe you can.''

His podcast, appropriately titled, Build Your Network, has a stately 2 million downloads and his Instagram boasts a following of 46.5K. His guest list includes an impressive roster featuring the likes of Shaq, Rob Dyrdek, Matt Barnes, Tomi Lahren, etc., ranging in all kinds of subjects within topical interest such as vaccinations as well as enormously valuable lessons in personal growth. With a resume as clearly polished and primed as Chappell's it's easy to understand how Guestio has been able not only thrive having been born mid-pandemic but also flourish.

For those starting to launch their shows, utilizing Chappell's expertise through Guestio has been a game-changing alternative to pouring out obscene financial gestures in an attempt to self-promote or market your own show. Cultivating a successful network through Guestio not only puts emphasis on the ideal of organic outreach, it also, once more, allows participants to engage with talent they likely couldn't find elsewhere.

For those starting out, it's important to note as well that in order to build a successful network, it starts with yourself. Chappell notes, "Your network will increase in direct proportion to the amount of value you can add to others. If you want a more valuable network, become a more valuable person to connect with."

Putting focus on what you can offer your own brand, and in turn how that bleeds into the guests you can book, the topics you discuss, and the audience that you draw, that is where true growth begins.

With statistics as colossal as 2 million active podcasts it can be discouraging to consider what you may have to offer, but rest assured that with your own individual vision and the ability to utilize the incredible tools Chappell has presented to those in the podcast community through Guestio, the pathway to building a successful network and with that, a successful brand is made easier than ever.