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The youngest member of Korean girl band Pristin has taken a break from the group due to health issues and netizens are saddened that this could be due to the harsh comments she has received about her body.

Pledis Entertainment issued a statement to say that Kyla will be resting in the US in the meantime to recover her health.

"Kyla went to the United States during the Chuseok holiday to spend time with her family. During her stay there, she also conducted medical tests and she was recommended to rest for the time being," the agency said.

It added that Kyla "wanted to keep promoting with Pristin and everyone in the group along with the agency wanted to fulfill her wishes to promote as well."

"However, her health is of the utmost importance and she will be taking a break until her health is in better condition. Kyla will be resting at home in the United States. We are very sorry for the sudden news and we apologize for this unfortunate news to all of the supportive Pristin fans. Her health, however, is what is most important and this is the final decision given the situation," the agency said.

It appealed to everyone to "please wish the best for her and support her recovery during her break. We are very sorry once more for the sudden news and we hope everyone can understand the situation. We hope Kyla can come back in better health quick."

Her brother, Luke, tweeted, "Thank you! And yeah she is resting right now! We are gonna get her feeling better" in response to a post.

Kyla's weight has been the subject of talks by Pristin fans and netizens. But with her decision to halt her activities and rest, netizens are pointing out that Kyla could have been severely affected by mean comments about her weight.

"It's because you guys are always hating on her about her body that she's getting sick like this," one netizen commented.

Another said, "Seems she was under a lot of stress over the harsh things people have been saying about her body... I actually find her a talented dancer and hope she recovers and comes back soon."

"Breaks my heart... I did read all the crazy hate Kyla was getting for being heavier than the other members. Imagine going through that at a young age rest up and come back healthy for the net promos," wrote another.