Netizens Out to Expose Ham So Won and Jinhua's Lies

Despite Ham So Won and Jinhua bidding goodbye to 'Taste of Wife' show, the controversy around them for allegedly making false claims is refusing to die. Now, videos and social media posts allege the celebrity couple of lying to the audience about leading a luxury life.

Ham So Won and Jinhua
Ham So Won and Jinhua. Instagram

What's the Controversy All About?
The couple is facing the allegation of fabricating content for Taste of Wife, aired on TV Chosun. After the controversy broke out, Ham So Won and Jinhua walked out of the show. "We've decided to respect Ham So-won's wishes as the couple have decided to step down [from the show]." the statement from the production confirmed the news about their exit in a statement.

In the show, they made several claims, which, according to netizens, are not true.

False Claims
Now, there are videos and social media posts that claim the alleged lies that they said on the show. To begin with, her marriage home in Guangzhou in Southern China is not owned by her family. It is now said that they had taken the property for a rent of $2000 USD, per month.

Secondly, the claim of her in-laws owning a holiday home is suspected to be an Airbnb accommodation and the couple had taken the property to shoot the program. People have found out that the furniture and photographs on the show are found on Airbnb listing.

In fact, Airbnb has reportedly publicised that the crew from a Korean show was in the location to shoot their program.

The other claims made by Ham So Won that her father-in-law was the CEO of a clothing company with 100s of employees working under him are not true. People have taken the trouble of verifying with the factory, which was seen on the show, and the company has stated that he is not the owner of the organisation.

Last but not the least, Ham So Won's claims that her in-laws were planning to purchase a property for her too was not true as netizens have discovered that the property in question was purchased by them many years ago.

A Couple with 18 Years Age Difference
Ham So Won, the winner of Miss Korea Pacific in 1997, hit the headlines after marrying Jinhua, who is 18 years younger than her, in 2018. The couple is blessed with a baby girl.

Their Taste of Wife took off in 2018 and received well by the audience.

As a result, she has come under attack netizens. People are questioning her why she boasted about leading a luxurious life when there was absolutely no need to make tall claims.