Netizens draw positive comparisons between Raveena Tondon and Zaara Yesmin upon the recreation of '90s Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka


The recently released song Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka, a recreated version of '90s classic hit that featured Raveena Tondon and Saif Ali Khan has stirred excitement amongst the masses. Actress Zaara Yesmin who is seen in the 2021 version has blown away people's minds with her hotness quotient. The modern version of Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka is currently ruling the internet and netizens are seen drawing positive comparisons between Raveena Tondon and Zaara Yesmin.

Zaara Yesmin who has given us some of the hit chartbusters in the past has been inundated with DMs and messages from fans who are praising her for performance and hotness. Some are even calling her modern Raveena owing to the similarities in their performances.

Is Tarah Aaqhiqui Ka also features Siddharth Gupta and is officially released on Tips YouTube channel. Sung by Dev Negi, the yesteryear song with a modern twist is making all kind of right buzz while making it to the list of party numbers of 2021.