Netizens criticise upcoming Korean film 'Wrestler' for showing romance with huge age-gap

The story of the film upcoming 'Wrestler' depicts a romantic plot involving a drastic age gap. The storyline has garnered negative attention from netizens.

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An upcoming film titled "Wrestler", which is set to release in 2018, has grabbed negative attention from Korean netizens due to its peculiar storyline.

The story of the film depicts a romantic plot involving a drastic age gap.

The official title of the film was formerly named "Love Sling". The film features Yoo He Jin, Kim Min Jae, Lee Sung Kyun, Na Moon Hee, Sung Dong II, and more. The film will be a romantic comedy revolving around the story of a former wrestler/single father (Yoo Hae Jin) who loves his son (Kim Min Jae) dearly. The son also aims to become a wrestler just like his father. The son and father get involved in a strange situation where the former's female friend and crush (Lee Sung Kyung) falls in the love with the latter.

"Wrestlers" completed filming with its cast and crew on October 17 and will release in theatres in the first half of 2018.

Netizens have caused quite a stir pointing to the strange storyline involving the relationship between an older man (Kim Min Jae) and a younger woman (Lee Sung Kyung).

Netizens have made the matter worse by linking the controversy around tvN drama 'My Mister' which is also hitting the theatres in 2018 with "Wrestler".

The story of the film "My Mister" also portrays the story of two people with an 18-year age gap. The main characters IU and Lee Sun Kyun have been criticised as people find the likely romance between the two inappropriate.

Netizens have flooded the internet with comments like "Are they crazy", "Why are there all these sad love stories about an old man and a young woman..?", "This is a waste of the actors", "If this story is aiming for this in a narrative aspect, then there should also be stories about an older woman and a young boy", "Did the actors read the script before they agreed to do it..?" and more.

Looks like Koreans are not so experimentative when it comes to love.

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