Netizens Call Out Rihanna for Using Islamic Hadith in Song for her Fenty Show

Rihanna has come under fire after using a song that contains a narration of the Islamic Hadith during her Fenty show that was held over the weekend.

Singer and business mogul Rihanna has been away from the music scene for quite some time now. The 32-year-old singer has been focusing on her lingerie company called Savage x Fenty and recently held the show of her new make-up line known as Fenty Beauty. However, the show that took place over the weekend did not end on a good note.

The Barbadian singer has been accused of appropriating Islam after using a song that contains a narration of the Islamic Hadith during the show. The 32-year-old business magnate has come under fire, with many Internet users calling out the star for disrespecting the values of Islam by using a track which has versus of the Hadith mixed into the beat.

The song is called 'Doom' and was created by a London-based producer named Coucou Chloe more than two years ago. The song, which is at the center of the controversy, has Islamic vocal samples from Hadith which apparently revolves around the end of times and the judgment day.

According to Up News Info, Coucou also spoke about the song previously, admitting to remixing an audio clip that turned out to be a hadith narration. "For those who were wondering what were the vocal samples – I didn't make the vocals on this one as you can easily guess," she said and provided a YouTube link to the hadith narration.

However, Rihanna using 'Doom' during her show didn't go well with social media users, who took to Twitter to express disappointment and call out the singer. One person wrote: "If you're not Muslim, if you're an ex Muslim, you have absolutely NO say in the Rihanna issue. Don't silence us because you don't find an issue with what she did. it was beyond disrespectful to our religion and this happens constantly and it's just sickening. have some respect."

Another seemingly upset user tweeted, "Song that contains Islamic hadith was used in Rihanna's SavageXFenty show, which is disrespectful, and your non-muslim a$$ telling Muslims if they should be offended or not? Is it crack?"

Another user expressing disappointment wrote, "I'm really upset.. I've always loved and looked up to u. And appreciated ur sense of diversity, in all your branding. Now I see u put an Islamic hadith in Your music for a lingerie show!! That's beyond disrespectful and disappointing."

One furious user wrote: "Rihanna is responsible for this even if she didn't choose the music. she hired her team and she must've heard the songs beforehand and just because she's Rihanna doesn't give her a free pass to disrespect a religion."

Another user, echoing similar sentiments tweeted: "So the Hadith Rihanna used was about the signs of the day of judgment? I'm actually disgusted."

Another user tweeted, "There is a song called "Doom" with Quranic verses and hadiths with the music and Rihanna used it as a background for her new line. This is offensive and anti-Islamic but nobody is ready to have this conversation. Time to unfollow and stop supporting her! #Rihannaisoverparty."

For the unversed, Hadith is a collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna). It establishes the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Quran and hence, is considered of utmost importance in their life. Rihanna and her team members are yet to comment on the controversy.

On October 3, the singer's company Savage x Fenty dropped its first men's underwear line and sold out within a few hours. Fans praised Rihanna for showcasing the latest lingerie collection with diverse male models in the show and on the website.

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For her latest collection Savage x Fenty fashion show, the singer challenged industry standards with her inclusive line, featuring male models of all races and sizes. After the first men's collection was launched, social media was flooded with images of plus size men models showcased on the brand's website.