Netizens Call Nancy Pelosi a 'Super Hypocrite' After She Hosts Maskless Fundraiser Event in California

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being slammed on the social media for a maskless fundraiser in Napa Valley, California. A video of Pelosi addressing dozens of unmasked Democratic donors on August 22 was widely circulated on Twitter with many criticizing the pro-mask House Speaker.

The event was hosted in Napa Valley over the weekend and the clip of the dozens of guests sitting side-by-side was shared online by Dem donor and winemaker Kathryn Walt Hall, reported The Sun.

High Profile Guests at the Fundraiser Were Seen Not Wearing Masks

The participants at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) fundraiser neither wore masks nor adhered to social distancing rules. The event comes amid a surge in Covid-19 cases in the US as the delta variant continues to haunt several states.

Nancy Pelosi
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seen with dozens of unmasked donors at lavish Democrat fundraiser Twitter grab

The fundraiser was organized for the vulnerable frontline Democrats, who could lose their seats in the 2022 midterm elections, according to MEAWW.

Critics were quick to slam Pelosi for attending the event in an area where Covid-19 cases are once again spiking. Only the catering staff was seen wearing masks. Some social media users pointed out this 'class divide'.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Democrats Only Care About Controlling You

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, "@SpeakerPelosi does not care about #COVID. Democrats don't care about covid. They only care about controlling you. Magical covid science: The virus stops spreading the minute you sit down to eat or when you speak in a microphone or if you are one of the elites. Liars."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote: "Speaker Pelosi wants to lock you down again while she wines and dines with her political donors. It's utter hypocrisy."

Pelosi Slammed Earlier for Flouting Covid-19 Restrictions

This is not the first time Speaker Pelosi has been criticized for flouting Covid-19 restrictions while California was dealing with outbreaks, according to The Sun.

Last year, she was caught on video inside a hair salon with no mask on while such establishments were supposed to be closed due to the virus.

Pelosi was widely slammed online for ignoring rules that she adamantly supported when speaking publicly.

She later alleged that the owner of the hair salon set her up, reported The Sun.

Social Media Reactions

Many social media users called Pelosi a super hypocrite while others had issues with there being one rule for elites and another for the regular folks. One comment read: "Only the elites are going to be able to travel and hold events." Another user said, "This woman threatens to arrest members of congress who are maskless but look at this. Rules for thee not me."

Some netizens asked is that taxpayer money she is using to feed all her donors? One netizen wrote, "They only wear masks in front of cameras that should tell you they are not for health, they are for power."

On the other few social media users said Pelosi has done nothing wrong and it's not elitism but it's the current mandate. One Twitter user said, "If you're outside or eating you don't need a mask. Indoors wear a mask. It's simple, not political. And maybe these people chose to wear a mask."

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