Netizens asked not to share 'how to spread Wuhan' video made by youngsters in Singapore

NTUC Fairprice asks netizens to stop sharing the video creating panic in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Singapore viral video
Screenshot of a youngster, who consumes beverages and keeps them back in the supermarket shelf in Singapore. Twitter

While the whole world is concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, a video of a youngster 'tasting' different beverages at a supermarket has been doing the rounds on social media since February 6, 2020. The incident is said to have happened recently at the Singapore-based supermarket chain NTUC Fairprice.

In the video shared with the caption 'how to spread Wuhan', an unidentified man, who records it is heard asking on how to know the drink's taste. In response, the young man heard as Nigel in the 26-second clip is seen consuming a small quantity of two fruit drinks and putting them back in the supermarket's shelf. The clip also shows a store staff who was arranging the shelf but did not notice the actions of the youngsters.

The creators of the video are said to have apologised for their mistake and removed the items from the shelves. "We understand also that the creators of the video have since made a public apology and shared that they had removed the items from the shelves and paid for them (sic)," NTUC FairPrice posted on its Facebook page.

Strict punishment sought

However, netizens have not taken the issue lightly with many even suggesting that the authorities give strict punishment to the video creators even if they tried to make a prank video. "Apologised or not, what so sure he removed the right item... he needs a knock on his head la bro (sic)," commented a Twitter user. "Seeing is believing. Show us the evidence that they bought what they drank. Too bad, common sense is very uncommon in human being (sic)," suggested another.

Nevertheless, the company has promised to take necessary action against the miscreants for creating a needless alarm among the public in the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, the Singapore police are said to have requested the public to share any information about the incident via the i-Witness portal and assured that the information provided will be kept strictly confidential, reported Today Online.

Through the recent Facebook post, NTUC FairPrice has also asked social media users to refrain from sharing the viral video. "In the meantime, we ask that the public refrain from forwarding this video to avoid any further public distress (sic)."

Read the Facebook post by NTUC FairPrice here:

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