Is Netflix's 'The Haunting of Hill House' the scariest series ever?

The Haunting of Hill HouseFacebook
The Haunting of Hill House Facebook

A lot of Netflix originals are currently among the best television shows out there. Several shows have impressed their viewers and won their hearts. However, the latest release, The Haunting of Hill House, has got people talking as it is truly giving nightmares for many viewers.

Netflix released the first season of The Haunting of Hill House last week. The series, based on Shirley Jackson's novel, is an American horror show. It's about a group of siblings who grew up in an old mansion, Hill House, which would later turn out to be a haunted house. The siblings are made to go back to the same house and face their fears by confronting the ghost from their past.

The show has received excellent reviews, even one from Stephen King. He took to Twitter to praise the show and wrote, "I don't usually care for this kind of revisionism, but this is great. Close to a work of genius, really. I think Shirley Jackson would approve, but who knows for sure."

Although the show has received good feedback, fans who binge-watched the entire season are scared to their bones. A lot of people took to Twitter to share their experience after watching the series. While a few claimed to have gotten anxiety attacks, others suffered from a loss of sleep and nightmares.

Here are a few reactions from Twitter who shared their views about the show:

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