Netflix subscriber? 5 blockbuster movies you can watch this September

'Bardo' will be Netflix's first Chinese Original Series.

Heading back to school is going to be tough this year thanks to Netflix. The online streaming platform will be releasing a slew of amazing movies this September.

The site has put together an amazing list of movies which is bound to keep you hooked on to your laptops and TV screens.

So what are the movies releasing on Netflix this September? Prepare yourself for a trip to Wakanda as Marvel brings one of its biggest blockbusters into your bedroom. King T'Challa aka Black Panther also arrives on the viewing platform this September. Black Panther recorded a mammoth box office collection and also broke several records this year.

Black Panther poster
Black Panther poster Reuters

Groundhog Day makes a debut on Netflix next month. The movie, which stars Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, holds a 96 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The comedy film revolves around Phil, who is stuck in a loop and lives the same day again and again.

Sticking on to classics, have you seen The Breakfast Club yet? No? Then Netflix is giving you the chance. The Breakfast Club features five students who come from different backgrounds and hold different ideologies. They are detained in their school library one Saturday morning. As the day passes by, they become really good friends.

Disney is also releasing Lilo & Stitch for Netflix viewers soon. This 2002 flick shows a scientifically-created creature Stitch who finds his way to Earth and doubles up as a dog of a Hawaiian family where he learns about loyalty and 'ohana.'

Captain Jack Sparrow is also dropping by on Netflix. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is releasing on the platform next month.

A slew of Netflix originals are also coming your way including -- Next Gen, The Most Assassinated Woman in the World, Hold the Dark and The 3rd Eye.

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