Netflix Launches new low cost mobile plan in Malaysia

Netflix launches mobile plan in Malaysia and it's only RM17

Netflix brings a new cheaper mobile plan for Malaysians

Entertainment giant 'Netflix' has given a festive gift and has brought a smile on the face of Malaysians. Netflix has launched a low-cost mobile plan in Malaysia for its lovers to enjoy the world of Netflix with less money. Less than four months after the launch in India, Malaysia is now the second country in the world and first in Southeast Asia to get a Netflix mobile plan.

It will cost only RM17 ($4) to sign up, but there are some caveats to consider. This is the special plan for mobile-only, which will allow its users to watch all the content on Netflix. The plan will allow subscribers to access all of Netflix's content in Standard Definition, ad-free, on one mobile phone or tablet at a time.

Netflix released a new low-cost mobile plan in Malaysia Netflix Press Release

Malaysians now have four plans to choose from. Basic costs RM33 ($7.80), Standard costs RM42 ($10) and the Premium service costs RM51 ($12) per month. Malaysia is a country with a large number of mobile data users. Almost 88% of Malaysians own smartphones, which they use for heavy streaming. Netflix stated that that Malaysians subscribers watch twice as much content on their phones as the average number of subscribers. Naturally then, a mobile plan is expected to be a popular option for the Malaysian market.

Earlier this year Netflix's chief product officer Gregory Peters said the Indian mobile-only was performing better than expected and it was looking to expand it into other markets too. Netflix has been aggressively growing in its content day by day. Especially in its Asian series such as Polis Evoseries, Paskal, Munafik 2, Till Death: Azalea's Wrath, Jagat and many more. Netflix's first Chinese language original series 'The Ghost Bride' premiere in January 2020 which is being filmed and produced in Malaysia.

"Our members in Malaysia love to watch shows on their smartphones and tablets, and with the first-ever mobile plan, all of Netflix's shows and movies will be even more accessible for locals to stream and download", said Ajay Arora, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix.

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