Netflix globally launches trailer and first look of Spanish Thriller 'Hache'

The story of the series is set in the 1960's Barcelona and revolves around the life of a prostitute named Helena played by Adriana Ugarte

Hache's first look Netflix

The entertainment giant Netflix revealed the trailer and first look for Hache, a series that is set to launch globally on November 1. Adrina Ugarte, Javier Rey and Eduardo Noriega star in the thriller which is set in the 1960's Barcelona and produced by Weekend Studio. Pep Ambros, Marc Martinez, and Ingrid Rubio round up the star-filled cast.

Netflix has also shared the first images of the story which is inspired by true events. The series has been created by Verónica Fernández and directed by Jorge Torregrossa.

The narrative of the series revolves around the story of Helena (Adriana Ugarte), a prostitute who starts as a simple pawn in the hands of Malpica (Javier Rey), the head of a gangster band that operates in Barcelona in the 1960s.

But a steep and hazardous learning curve takes Helena from the lowest rung of the organization to the top, seizing control of the heroin operation.

Among the group of men led by Malpica, two stand out, the unstoppable Arístides and lawyer Julio Senovilla, played by Marc Martínez and Pep Ambròs respectively.

On the right side of the law is the newly established Narcotics Brigade, led by inspector Alejandro Vinuesa, his partner Eladio Pérez, and the Commissioner Clemente Larrubia. Marina Salas features in the role of Silvia Velasco, the Commissioner's secretary.

The story will reveal more tragic incidents, actions, powerful music, sound and the amazing acting of the stars which is expected to amaze the viewers, who are waiting for the show to release soon.

The story revolves around The Albatross Club, a venue with a soul of its own, a night club where foreigners came, a young gentleman from the city, dishevelled girls, and vain denizens lose themselves in the music of the time.

This club is the operations centre for Malpica's gang. Celeste, played by Ingrid Rubio, is in charge of the club and the main musical attraction is Julia Bloomsbury, played by the British actress Tonia Richardson, a singer who is always accompanied by the piano of Ramiro Larrocha.

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